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You must have heard about Iams cat food if you are a cat lover. This company is dedicated to augment the lives of cats and dogs, especially when it comes to their nutrition. Therefore, Iams cat food is more expensive than any other common cat food. Because of this, a lot of cat owners are looking for printable Iams cat food coupons. Printable coupons allow us to buy Iams cat food in a very great price.

Iams is one of the most professional cat food providers. They are reputed for selling cat foods and categorize their cat food products in a very professional way. They group their cat food by life stage, food type or special concerns. It not only makes the Iams cat food focusing on the needs of cat, but also helps cat owners to choose the suitable food for their cats much more easily.

History of Iams Cat Food Brand

All these could have not been possible if not for the contribution made by Paul F. Iams in 1946. He initiated the effort to formulate cat and dog foods that will give them the advanced nutrition that they need. He took the time and effort to meet with nutritionists and breeders to be able to conceptualize the need for proteins and fats in any cats’ diet. He believes that advanced nutrition will make a lot of difference in the lives of cats and dogs. This gave birth to a lot of innovations in the diet of cats.

In 1968, beet pulps were discovered to improve these animals’ digestion. In 1994, the FOS Prebiotics started to augment the intestinal health of cats and dogs. In 1998, these animals’ renal disease was managed with the introduction of Nitrogen Trap Fiver System.  By the year 2000, vitamin A started to help dogs and cat manage their weight gain. In 2001, Iams came up with a dental defence for these pets. And finally, in 2008, a Premium Protection formula was discovered to burn their fat as well as maintains their muscles.

Iams Cat Food Categories

Iams cat food are good at categorizing. They arrange their cat food in three big catalogs, life stage, food types and special needs. Here is the full list of Iams cat food categories:

Iams cat food by life stage

  • Kitten Food
  • Adult Cat Food
  • Mature Adult Cat Food
  • Senior Plus Cat Food

Iams cat food by food type

  • Dry Cat Food
  • Wet Cat Food

Iams cat food for cats special concerns

  • Weight Control Cat Food
  • Hairball Control Cat Food
  • Sensitive Stomach Cat Food
  • Multi Cat Food

Iams Cat Food Reviews

Iams ProActive Health Adult Weight Control Cat Food

Iams ProActive Health Adult Weight Control Cat Food

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Weight Control

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Weight Control

ProActive Health Adult Pate with Pacific Salmon Iams Cat Food

ProActive Health Adult Pate with Pacific Salmon Iams Cat Food

Iams cat food have over 40 cat food products, covering all the age stage of cats. There are 27 dry cat foods and the rest are canned cat foods. Iams weight control cat foods have a very good reputation. Iams ProActive health adult weight control is the highest rated cat food in Iams cat food array. Iams try to help cats lose weight in the healthy way. In Iams weight control formula, they reduce 10% fat from original cat recipes and enhance with vitamins, minerals and amino acides to provide our cats enough energy.

Another top cat food is Iams Healthy Naturals weight control. Different from ProActive Health, the Healthy Naturals weight control cut 20% fat from normal cat foods. To provide complete and balanced cat diet, Iams Healthy Naturals weight control is made of four main ingredients, natural protein, grains, vegetables and fruits. It helps our overweight cats back to a healthy weight in the natural way.

Iams ProActive Health Adult Pate with Pacific Salmon is the top Iams canned cat food. Real meat is the key of Iams canned cat food. Meat Broth and chicken is the main source of protein. It gives our cats a homemade meal taste and rich nutrition as well. Iams ProActive Health adult pate is slow-cooked in real broth with natural ingredients and vitamins and minerals.

Printable Cat Food Coupons For Iams

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