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All About Cat Food Coupons

Most of the savvy shoppers today are trying to find all the possible ways on how they can save more money while they do their shopping. Some of the shoppers choose to join a membership program of some big grocery store chains to get discounts or rebates whenever they do their grocery shopping in that particular store or other partner stores. Others try to go shopping during clearance sales or if there is an ongoing promotion in a particular grocery store.

Another way to get discounts is to make use of coupons. There’s a coupon for almost every kind of products that are being sold in grocery stores. This includes coupons for pet foods. If you want to give your cats something special, then be sure that you get some printable Orijen cat food coupons. You can find a lot of free limited time offer printable Orijen cat food coupons online just signing up for their newsletter or join their mailing list.

The grain free cat foods are manufactured at Orijen’s food processing plant in Alberta, Canada by the company known as Champion Pet Foods. The company has already gained several awards and recognitions for their high quality pet foods. Champion Pet Foods is a family owned business that has been producing quality pet foods on their more than 25 years in the pet food business. The company’s secret of their Orijen brand is on the organic and fresh ingredients that they are using on each bag of their Orijen cat food.

Orijen Grain Free cat & kitten food

Orijen Grain Free cat & kitten food

Another unique feature of Orijen cat & kitten food is that all their cat food formulas are grain free. What this means is that the cat food recipes of Orijen are free from most of the common ingredients that can trigger allergies among cats and kittens. This is perfect for cats that have some hypersensitivity reaction to wheat and other similar ingredients. A lot of cat owners who have tried giving their cats a bag of Orijen grain free cat food were impressed with how their cats enjoy their grain free meal. There are cat owners that even claimed that some of allergy problems of their cats were fixed when they switched to Orijen cat & kitten food. Although the price of Orijen cat foods is a little higher than the average cat food formula sold in the market, cat owners would be rest assured that their cats will only get the best quality cat food suitable for them.

Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food

Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food

One of the top selling products of Orijen cat food is the Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food. This cat food from Orijen is specially prepared using a unique balance of fats and proteins that come from fresh meat. This is designed to give the cats the same amount of protein and fat that they would normally get in their diet when they are hunting in the wild. The ingredients used in Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food came from 6 different kinds of fish that can be caught in the wild. Each bag of Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food has a ratio of 20% fruits and vegetables, 80% fish and 0% grains. To make sure that all the ingredients maintain their freshness, the ingredients are all cooked slowly in low temperatures.

Orijen Cat Food Frequent Buyer Program

I sent several email to my friend who is working in Orijen Cat Food company to request the dog food coupons. And he told me that Orijen’s marketing strategy is a bit different than most cat food manufacturers. Compare with spending funds on cat food coupons and other types of cat food advertising, they prefer to put all resource and budgets towards purchasing the very best regional ingredients (Orijen features a minimum of five fresh, never frozen, regional meats) and using the best technology in their family owned factory to truly make the best cat food.

But there are some promotion events in fact. Orijen offers a Frequent Buyer Program and I think cat owners like me will be interested in. To participate in Orijen’s Frequent Buyer Program, we can ask Orijen cat food retailer to fill out a Frequent Buyer card. Each time we purchase a bag of Orijen or Acana cat food it should be recorded. After we have purchased 12 bags of Orijen cat food, we will receive the 1 extra bag of Orijen cat food for free from the retailer. Please keep all Orijen cat food UPC codes or receipts which will be helpful for tracking the purchase record.

Buy Cheap Orijen Cat Food Online

Besides Orijen cat food coupons and Orijen Frequent Buyer Program, buying Orijen cat food online is another way to save money. Usually, the Orijen cat food is cheaper by 20% than its normal price. For example, the Orijen Regional Poultry and Fish grain free dry cat & kitten food 15lb bag is priced at $85.41, while it is sold at $51.99 in online cat food shop currently. And another Orijen cat food, 6 Fish Grain Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food 15.4lb bag, is priced at $93.00, but it only cost us $69.14 if we purchase it online. We need to check this price in online cat food shop frequently because the cat food discount is keeping changing all the time.

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