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$2.00 Off for Iams Dry Cat Food
Special Offer from IAMS Wet Cat Food
More Coupons in July
October Special Offer
There are a number of ways on how a household can cut down on their daily, weekly, or monthly expenses. One alternative is to sacrifice the purchase of certain goods or items, or perhaps, opting for a cheaper brand or alternative of those items. As much as possible, the welfare of our beloved pets should not also be compromised like our family members. Providing Iams cat food coupons to consumers is an initiative of the pet food and nutrition expert to help households in maintaining a healthy and quality pet diet for their cats.

A short background on Iams and its cat food products

The highest valued Iams cat food coupons released so far were the $8 and $5 discounts, but both promotions have already reached their end. Currently, the $3 coupon discount is in effect and widely circulating.

Iams ProActive Health Adult Original Ocean Fish with Rice

Iams ProActive Health Original Ocean Fish

Iams Premium Protection Kitten

Iams Premium Protection Kitten

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Chicken

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Chicken

Iams has already been providing quality pet foods since the 1940’s but massive brand build up and market promotions were only made possible when the company was eventually acquired by Procter & Gamble. Hence, the company combines years of pet food expertise plus the technological and massive logistics advantage. That is why the company is capable of giving out free Iams cat food coupons and discounts to its valued customers.

The Iams cat food product line is quite an array, offering readily prepared meals for kittens, adults, elder cats, and even for the sick ones. Within each category, your pet cat can also enjoy different flavors and variety. There are the fish-flavored and blended packs, the chicken, tuna, salmon, lamb, beef, or turkey. Some variants are intended for gaining weight, some for excessive weight control, for regular and special nourishment, and a certain cat food line was synthesized to address certain cat conditions like problems on your cat’s urinary track, skin, fur and coating concerns, malnutrition, etc.

Where to acquire Iams cat food coupons

$8.00 Off Coupons for IAMS cat food

$8.00 Off Coupons for IAMS cat food

Before all the Iams cat food coupons ran out, you should always be on the lookout for said new offers and promotions which may be announced through newspapers, magazines, leaflets or fliers and on the numerous discount coupon websites across the internet, particularly on Iams’ official website which usually requires you to sign up or simply complete a short survey. Prior to signing up for a particular discount coupon, you should first take note whether the cat food variant being offered on promotion is the same variant your feeding or giving to your cat. When signing up for a wrong discount card, you might eventually just end up wasting your time, effort, and shopping money.

$2.00 Off for Iams Dry Cat Food

Here is a Iams coupon for dry cat food. I get this coupons from one market email from Iams. This special offer provide $2.00 off for any size of Iams dry cat food. The date of expiry is March 6, 2014.

Special Offer from IAMS Wet Cat Food

There is another printable coupon for IAMS wet cat food. This special offer will give $2.00 off with any purchase of IAMS wet cat food. It will last 3 weeks to March 6, 2014.

Up To $3.00 OFF in July

Do you want to get more coupons for IAMS cat food. Here you are. We help you find out two IAMS discount in July. The coupon for Iams wet cat food give $1.00 discount. Another one is for IAMS dry cat food, which gives $2.00 discount. Please hurry up!

Your $4.50 Discount in October

After several months, I final get the new Iams coupons in October. These time, I got three piece which will help me save up to $4.50 totally. The coupons cover both dry cat formula and canned cat formula. The expiry date is October 22, except one of them is September 30. I hope you will love them and I will continue to share what I will get next time.
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  1. Pamela Ward says:

    I have been rescuing cats for over 23 years, mostly with my own money or coupons when I had a printer..
    My donations have dwindled to practically nothing, I can’t even afford ink for he printer I have. I’m asking (begging) for coupons to be sent to me. I understand if you can’t do this but I have no choice but to ask. I currently have 24 cats all fixed with the acception of 2 nursing mothers someone dropped off one day. You can get in touch with me through my email address. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
    Pamela Ward

  2. Pow r.toc h says:

    We also take in abandoned cats & kittens… & have very very little money to purchase food for them… We find “forever”homes for at least 100-150 cats & kittens a year .. We LOVE these precious little bundles of joy. They make life worth living for my wife & I .some of the restaurants in our area have allowed us to put cans asking for people to donate their change so we can get food for our babies . But it oy brings in around $4-$5.00 every couple weeks… People just don’t have the money anymore.:-(. Myself in particular love the heck out of cats sometimes putting my life at risk. How you ask ¿ if I see a cat that has passed & crossed the “rainbow bridge” laying in the road (any road including highways) I will pull my car over & move them off the road ????????. It’s enough to get killed on the road but then to be ran over hundreds or even thousands of times more shouldn’t happen.i just can’t bare thinking about them getting ran over again & again .. I MUST move them????????????????… I see on e-bay that a lot of people are selling coupons for iams cat food for completely free (any size bag) coupons for over $20.00 for two (2) coupons… Where do they get these coupons at ¿ I would love to know ¿so if there’s anyone out there that can help please e-mail me at »« (I like pink Floyd music) I would appreciate any help that you can give 🙂

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