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All About Cat Food Coupons

Finally, there is a cat food brand that is not only packed with your pet’s needed nutrients but also very affordable to your pocket. By using a diamond cat food coupon in your every purchase, you have the chance to save from 5% to 20% discount. Some of these printable coupons are intended for free shipment offers for online purchase. And since you are buying a product from Diamond Pet Foods, you have all the advantage.

Diamond Cat Food Brand and History

Diamond Pet Foods Inc. is a US based company under the name Schell and Kampeter Inc. As a family enterprise, this is operated and owned by Kampeter and Schell family. It all started when Richard Kampeter and Gary Schell purchased Milling Meta Co.; a manufacturer of dog food and livestock feeds. As the new owners of the company, they were driven by a goal of producing the best quality pet food at a price that everybody can afford. This gives birth to Diamond Pet Foods Inc.

Diamond Pet Foods believes that every cat deserves the best especially when it comes to nutrition. And you will know if your pet has been nourished well since it shows in its overall performance and appearance. If your cat is happy and looks healthy then you know that you have been feeding the right kind of food.

Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Formula

Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Formula

Diamond Naturals Active Cat

Diamond Naturals Active Cat

Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula

Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula

Diamond Pregnant Cat Food Reviews

Whether your cat is a pregnant mom or a kitten, the Diamond Pregnant cat food is best for your pet. This is for kitten from its weaning stage until it reaches 1 year old. There are 2 options that you can choose from; the Dry Food Kitten and Dry Food Active Cat Formula. They have enough fat, protein and calories needed by your pet.

Diamond Overweight Cat Food Reviews

If you want your cat to have a lean body and attain its ideal body weight, you can purchase the Dry Food Indoor Cat Formula. It comes with Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 to ensure that your pet will have a healthy skin and shiny coat thereby preventing the formation of hairball. A lean body can also help your cat enjoy a healthy life.

Diamond Kitten Food Reviews

Diamond Kitten Foods are not just intended for kittens below 1 year old but is also best for nursing or pregnant cats. It has 22% fat and 34% protein- calculated to meet the nutritional needs of kittens and pregnant cats. Its comes with a calorie content of 379 kcal/cup, ensuring a high energy level for active kittens and adult cats who are soon to be moms.

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  1. Mark Manz says:

    where the heck are the coupons!

    • Cat Food Advisor says:

      Hi Mark,

      Currently, diamond coupons are not available yet. Do your cat enjoy the Hill’s cat food, Halo cat food or Wellness cat food? These coupons are available currently.


  2. Tina Graves says:

    Yep….Clicked on site for the Diamond Naturals coupons and NO COUPONS! Read the above comment and almost 2 YEARS LATER…..STILL NO COUPONS! Bunch of BS if you ask me!

    • Cat Food Advisor says:


      I stop updating this page because I have not got any cat food coupons from Diamond for a long time. But I will update this page if I am lucky to get one.

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